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Tilmiconect offers

A fast internet connection 64Mb / s up 22Méga Ku KA,
or 180 times faster than a connection Lower Rate, and available everywhere in Morocco, even in areas not eligible for ADSL!
A technology that frees your phone line:
data flows through a parable.
A simple connection to install:
to benefit from the Satellite Internet, simply have a Satellite Kit Compatible. Tilmiconect Kit offers an easy to install.
Satellite phone.
Depending on the formula or the options



The main strengths of internet connections via satellite Eutelsat are:

• available in all geographical point of the satellite coverage area
(No connection to the telephone network or mobile
nor land is required)
• permanent high speed Internet bidirectional satellite connection
• durability, stability, scalability and price
• unlimited transfer volume
• Quick Start with a lightweight terminal
installed in a few hours
• Monitoring 24 / 24h and 7 / 7d

Eutelsat provides satellite Internet connections direct unmanaged Internet and are 100% compatible with all other VPN and application based on TCP / IP.